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A Mound of




I remember my old man saying… "Do you want to dig ditches all your life?  It's hard work son".


Like father, like son from a long line of Irish construction laborers mastering in everything from coal mines to strip mines to dirt.

We did it all.  With the eye and the will to move mountains and the eye of an artist to create beautiful pictures from dirt stone and wood, this expertise continues with my son running his first machine while in diapers.  His life revolved around dirt machines.


Bob is skilled and experienced in excavation from roads, big dirt work, large scale earth moving, finish grade, large and small scale, pipe work in the most extreme terrain, homes, basements, water retention and prevention, custom to extreme


Bob is a skilled and experienced operator of all equipment including excavator, backhoe, dozer, loader, skidder, forklift cranes, jack hammers and much more.


These hands are made for firm handshakes and creating.  You've made the best choice by choosing In-Depth Excavating.

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